Once you have calculated the wire bundle size, use the chart below to select entry size. The chart shows the minimum entry sizes for cables from 3 to 38 mm in diameter. In other words, the white spaces on the chart represent all of the cable outside diameters each entry size will fit.

If the adaptor is shielded or has a Tinel-Lock ring, there are additional considerations, which are noted below.

Backshell Entry Size Calculation Table

Braided Tail Backshells
The extreme flexibility of the braid on these backshells accommodates a large range of cable diameters. It is therefore recommended that the standard entry size for any given adaptor part number be specified as indicated on the relevant data sheet. Non-standard entry sizes are available to special order. Use the selection chart above to ensure that the standard entry size will pass over the jacketed cable diameter.

Memory Ring Backshells
The cable braid must be opened up to fit onto the outside diameter of the adaptor entry. For optimum performance, select the smallest entry size that will pass over the jacketed cable diameter. Repair of the connector will be easier using the boot and shield rollback if a slightly larger than minimum entry size is used.

The selection chart above shows the minimum entry sizes for cable diameters in the range of 3 mm to 38 mm. This will ensure that the jacketed cable passes through the adaptor. Ensure the braid will open sufficiently to fit the entry size selected and to ensure that the braid and boot can be rolled back.

For further information or assistance on selecting the correct entry size or other adaptor requirements, please contact us.