Custom Multicore Cable

Multicore Cable Design, Prototyping & Production

Multicore Cables

We supply high-performance custom designed multicore cable solutions for the most demanding applications and environments, including but not limited to Aerospace, Marine and Industrial markets.

High-performance component wires and miniature coaxial cables are combined with unique cable jacket materials to meet the requirements of demanding environments. We can provide a rapid response to any design requests, supported by the highest quality manufacturing standards.

Our technical team can assist with the selection of components used in the cable, to ensure the right combination of physical, chemical and electrical properties is achieved to meet your specific application requirements.

  • Flexible power
  • Ethernet, USB and Quadrax
  • Coaxial and Triaxial RF and Video cable
  • Optical fibres

Multicore Prototyping

Cable engineers and buyers can spend valuable time and resource sourcing relatively short lengths of high performance bespoke multi-core cables. Increasingly however, they are burdened by large minimum order quantities and extended lead times, commonly demanded by today’s cable manufacturers.

Our Prototype Cable Service is the result of investment in plant and machinery combined with the excellent in-house knowledge of our production and design team. By using our combination of machine cabled components insulated with a heat-shrink jacket, we aim to build and deliver your cable within 4 weeks of receiving your order, for cable designs made from stocked components.

Production Service

We stock many wire constructions, gauges and colours, all of which are available for forming part of our customised multicore cable design and build service. Our aim is to manufacture and deliver high quality machine built customised cables within 6 to 8 weeks of receiving an order. Subject to minimum order quantities, the range of available extruded jacket material is expanded to include additional highly controlled performance materials.

  • Detailed design specifications & drawings
  • Machine cabled components
  • Wide selection of stocked wire components
  • Machine braided optimised EMI screens
  • Choice of heat-shrink or extruded jacket
  • Low MoQs
  • Coiled and prepared cables


Specialist Cables

Specialist Electrical Cables and Composite Systems are used in a wide variety of demanding industrial and commercial applications, including factory automation and robotics, materials handling, processing, packaging and building services. The more complex the application, the necessity that custom cables have to be produced is increased. We select manufacturers with many years of experience of materials such as PVC, PUR, Rubber, Silicone, TPE and Low smoke halogen-free compounds, from basic multi-core cables to composite cables we can help to design a cable to a customer’s exact requirements. Of course, a custom cable does not always have to be highly complex and from printing customer details to a change of outer sheath colour, we are always willing to assist in solving your requirements.


Complete range of cables for all aspects of nuclear engineering: power, control, coaxial, telecoms, umbilical, or composite. Cables can be individually or overall shielded, armoured and reinforced.

  • Flame retardant to IEC 332.1 & 332.3
  • Resist radiation doses up to 200 Mrads.
  • Cables in accordance to Cogema La Hague and Cogema Melox specification (centre for the enrichment and re-treatment of uranium).
  • Cable types 10 Nouvelle Generation.
  • Mulrad 2 cables.
  • Cables for nuclear robotics.


A wide range of special and standard cables designed for your robotic and drag chain applications.

  • F3 for short drag chain applications.
  • F1X for long distance and fast drag chains
  • F1 for continuous bending and torsional applications with high speed acceleration.
  • F1 Gold, for extreme conditions
  • UL extra flexible cables
  • BUS cables / MultiBUS cables
  • Umbilicals
  • Composites cables


Providing both composite electrical and optical cables for many applications such as ROVs, seabed vehicle umbilicals to ship and submarine.

  • ROV tethers
  • Umbilicals fixed and mobile equipment
  • Trenching and burying machines
  • Detection and sonar
  • Oceanographic and buoy
  • Mooring line and stay
  • Onboard power and instrumentation
  • Floating cables

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