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Hot Air Heat Guns

Electronically controlled hot air guns are available in Heavy Duty and General Purpose, with precision adjustable heat, ideal for heat shrinkable products, shaping and other jobs.

General Purpose

The HL2010E heat-gun is microprocessor controlled and features an LCD display which enables temperature selection in controlled increments between 49ºC - 621ºC. The heating element design ensures even heat and product longevity. Design benefits from soft grip handle, dual air filters and three stage switch.

The HL1910E is a powerful heat gun with variable temperature and electronic thermocouple control for flexible use and maximum reliability between 49ºC - 593ºC. The heating element design ensures even heat and product longevity. Design benefits from soft grip handle, dual air filters and three stage switch.

Heavy Duty Heat Guns

The CV1981 heat-gun is the entry level unit of our ⁡Heavy Duty⁡ range of hot air guns, with variable temperature dial offering a range of between 20ºC to 700ºC. These units are rugged and robust, plus the ability to operate for extended periods. A wide range of PR reflectors is also available.

The CV1983 Similar to the CV1981 but with the added advantage of higher power and a greater air flow, making it particuarly suitable for more demanding environments. Temperature range between 40ºC - 650ºC. The nozzle diameter is larger than the CV-1981 and requires an adaptor to use the PR series of reflectors.

CV1981-ATPID Electronic Thermocouple Control - Heat Gun

The CV1981-ATPID is an intelligent yet robust hot air tool for welding and shrinking plastic. It is designed for the needs of even the most demanding professional, incorporating an ergonomic design, secure handling and a modern look. Every tool undergoes stringent quality checks prior to leaving the factory.

this high quality hot air tool is equipped for any use. It⁡s universal areas of application are virtually unlimited and will continue to prove its merit in any weather conditions and is just as effective outside as it is indoors - all during continuous operation.

Suitable for work site

  • Closed loop controlled temperature
  • Open loop controlled air volume
  • Intelligent digital operating unit
  • Ergonomic handling

Practical storage case included with ample space to accomodate the tool and accessories. Uses the PR and 107 series of reflectors and adapters.

Hot Jet S - Compact & Lightweight Heat-Gun

The Hot Jet S is both compact, lightweight and portable, ideal for use in confined spaces such as engine compartments and electronic equipment. he small but powerful Hot Jet S has variable airflow and temperature settings, allowing controlled installation of small diameter tubing, moulded parts and solder sleeves.

Offers variable temperature range +20ºC to +600ºC.

Features and Benefits

  • Built in pontentiometer
  • Stepless electronically controlled temperature and airflow
  • Low noise level 59dB(A)

PR Series Reflectors

The PR series of accessories will fit the CV1981 heat gun, whilst the CV1983 heat gun will require an adapter part AD1962 to use the PR reflectors*. Made from stainless steel these reflectors offer the optimum means of uniformly applying heat to heat shrink tubing, devices and moulded parts. A separate 107 Series of adaptors is available for use with the Triac AT model heat gun. To utilise the PR series of reflectors an adaptor 105.509 is required.

PR Series Reflectors - Fits CV1981 and CV1983*
PR-12 reflector - Tubing: 6mm to 25mm
PR-13 reflector - Tubing up to 6mm
PR-13C reflector - Large SolderSleeve products
PR-21 reflector - Tubing up to 25mm
PR-24 reflector - Tubing and moulded parts 25mm to 35mm
PR-24A reflector - Tubing and moulded parts 35mm to 60mm
PR-25 reflector - SolderSleeve products up to 7mm
PR-25D reflector - SolderSleeve products 6mm to 13mm
PR-26 reflector - Small SolderSleeve products
PR-33 reflector - SolderSleeve products 19mm to 25mm
PR-34 reflector - SolderSleeve products 12mm to 20mm
PR-51 reflector - Special narrow nozzle for moulded part transitions 21.5mm x 3.5mm
AD-1962 adapter* - Suits larger barrel CV1983, to facilitate use of the PR series reflectors

107 Series reflectors - Fits Hot Jet S

107.324 -  12 x 10 mm sieve reflector, push fit on 5mm tubular nozzle
107.310 - 35 x 20 mm sieve reflector, push fit
107.311 - 50 x 35 mm sieve reflector, push fit
107.312 - 25 x 35 mm spoon reflector
107.148 - Ø 3 mm x 1.5 mm soldering nozzle, oval
107.144 - Ø 5 mm tubular nozzle

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