Crimp Ferrules
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Budget Terminals and Splices

Crimp ferrule type connectors offer maximum electrical contact with minimal resistance. Specially designed to terminate solid and stranded wire, irregularly shaped conductors, and combinations of these-retaining the superior performance characteristics of single-purpose terminals and splices. Corrosion resistance, vibration resistance and tensile strength of these terminals and splices are well within the limits of commercial and military specifications.

These terminals and splices fill the need for an economical and electrically superior termination where extreme vibration and tension on the wires are not present.

The range of terminal shapes includes Ring Tongue, Right Angle, Rectangular, Spade, Short Spring Spade, Flanged Spade Tongue, Slotted Ring Tongue, Hook Tongue, Tab Tongue, Heavy Duty Ring Tongue,Flag Ring Tongue, Parallel Splices, Knife Disconnect Splices and Butt Splices.

Specifications and approvals for MS20659, and MIL-T-7928G available. UL listed and CSA certified.

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