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Wire Strippers & Cutters

Our accurate and lightweight wire strippers and wire cutters offer once step squeeze action and are designed for mobility and and productivity, with ergonomic models available. Selecting the proper tool for your wire and cable ensures the quality and consistency desired in a production environment, producing clean cuts through the insulation allowing minimal hand force to actuate the tool and break away the insulation.

T-Cutter® - Wire Cutters and Optical Fibre Stripper

Ensures the quality and consistency desired in a production environment. There are also ergonomic advantages. Using the proper tool and blade produces a clean cut through the insulation allowing minimal hand force to actuate the tool and break away the insulation.

Features & Benefits

  • Shear-type blades permit square, clean cuts with no ragged strands
  • Hardened steel construction and ground cutting surfaces assure long service life
  • Can be used to cut solid wire up to 10 AWG & fine stranded cable up to 13mm OD
  • Premium T-Cutter wire cutters offer cushion grip handles and plier nose

Custom Stripmaster® - Wire Strippers

Fast accurate wire stripping with its one step, squeeze action stripping and unique precision blade design. This lightweight stripper is made from sturdy die-cast zinc, is designed for maximum mobility and high productivity in all types stripping applications. Can be customised with choice of gripper pads and blade sets to match your particular stripping requirements.

  • Die-type blades allow for precision stripping
  • Counterbores keep wire alignment while tool actuates, ensuring conductor is not damaged
  • Lightweight smaller version also available

Ergo Elite Stripmaster® - Wire Stripper

The latest light-weight ergonomically engineered wire stripper for the aerospace industry. The tilted stripping head in this sleek design provides better leverage and clear view for wire positioning. The advanced jaw position ensures a quality strip, eliminates potential scraping of the inner conductor, while leaving squared shoulders on a wide range of wire gauges.

Features & Benefits

  • Ergonomically engineered for superior comfort, balance & control
  • Tool constructed of rigid polyurethane re-inforced with carbon fibre, providing excellent strength at 40% of the weight of metal hand tools
  • Un-matched MIL-Spec precision blades with patented revolutionary design
  • One-step stripping action that grips, penetrates & removes wire insulation with unmatched precision in one effortless squeeze

Coaxial & Ringer™ - Screened Wire Stripping Tools

Ringer™ Shielded Cable Strippers
Precision stripping for most non-round shielded cable and other outer cable jackets, including Teflon™ insulations.

  • Spring-loaded cutting head holds cable with consistently accurate tension, removing any need for adjustment.
  • V-notch jaw automatically positions and holds cable, increasing cutting accuracy.
  • Wire guide roller maintains stripping head alignment, producing a square, clean cut.
  • Not recommended for layered wrapped cable constructions.

Coaxial Cable Strippers
Lightweight and compact, cost effective stripper that is simple to operate.

  • Adjustable blades can be set for any depth to help ensure nick-free strips.
  • Use with multi-conductor cable, tightly wrapped stranded cables, CATV cable, CB antenna cable, SO, SJ, SJT and other types of flexible power cords.

Custom Stripmaster® Blades
Tool Part Number | Blade Part Number | Description
Teflon 600V wire and cable
45-176 | L-5559 | 10-14 AWG
45-177 | L-5560 | 12-26 AWG
45-178 | L-5561 | 26-30 AWG

PVC type wire and cable
45-170 | L-5210 | 10-14 AWG
45-171 | L-5211 | 12-26 AWG
45-172 | L-5436 | 26-30 AWG

Wrapped wire and cable
45-169 | L-9300 | 24-30 AWG

Custom Stripmaster® Lite Blades
Tool Part Number | Blade Part Number | Description
Teflon 600V wire and cable
45-638 | LB-918 | 10-14 AWG
45-639 | LB-919 | 12-26 AWG
45-640 | LB-920 | 26-30 AWG

PVC type wire and cable
45-632 | LB-912 | 10-14 AWG
45-633 | LB-913 | 12-26 AWG
45-634 | LB-914 | 26-30 AWG

Wrapped wire and cable
45-169 | LB-911 | 24-30 AWG

Ergo Elite Stripmaster®
Tool Part No. | Blade Part No. | Wire Type | Gauge Size
55-1987 | 55-1987-1 | 44A011x M81044/12 and 13 | 16-24 AWG Range
             |                   55A011x M22759/32-35 inclusive | 16-24 AWG Range
                                 55A081x M22759/41-46 inclusive | 16-24 AWG Range
55-1973 | 55-1973-1 | 55D012x | 16-24 AWG Range

Ergo-Elite Accessories
LB-4617 - Tool only, less blades
LB-4618 - Tool with grit pad, less blades
LB-4619 - Tool with parallel pad, less blades
LB-4620 - Gripper set, Grit
LB-4621 - Gripper set, Parallel
LB-1904 - Wire stop
IA-5170 - Blade cover, Purple
IA-5171 - Blade cover, Red
IA-5172 - Blade cover, Green
IA-5173 - Blade cover, Blue

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