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High-performance Rail Wire

Rail WireRail Wire such as 100E and 100G signal wire, commonly used in train wiring where there is a demand for reliability and recognised industry standard specifications and approvals, including German Specification VG 95218-28, EN50306-2 | EN50306-3 | EN50306-4.

100 Wire - Halogen Free, Low Smoke

High performance wire and cable that meet the demanding requirements of standards including German Specification VG 95218-28, Type and European Rail standard EN50306. Plus AWG wire constructions.

Characteristics include being extremely flexible, tough and resistant to a variety of fluids meeting the limited fire hazard requirements. Insulation materials are mechanically strong and durable whilst being smaller and lighter.

Zero Halogen, lightweight wire and cable for signal and equipment wire for low voltage applications. The construction is a dual wall combination of formulated polymer blends. Developed to meet demanding specification requirements, whilst maintaining the desirable features of small size, lightweight, flexibility and non-wrinkling.

Product Features

  • Zero halogen, thin wall, high temperature
  • Small size and lightweight
  • Excellent handling and flexibility
  • Outstanding resistance to oils, plus scrape
  • Abrasion and cut through
  • Voltage rating: 300 V.
  • Conductor cores 0.5mm2 to 2.5mm2.
  • Temperature rating: -40ºC up to +125ºC.
  • Dual wall construction

Thin wall single core wires, 300 volts.

Single core and multi-core cables (pairs, triples
and quads) screened and thin wall sheathed.

Multi-core and Multi-pair cables standard wall
sheathed, screened or unscreened (thicker
outer jacket).

50% Volume Reduction
30% Weight Reduction
Compared to conventional wire

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