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NEW - Mil / Aero Wire and cable

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IS-Rayfast are pleased to announce that we can now provide a comprehensive range of Mil / Aero wires and cables to complement our existing product portfolio for the Aerospace and Defence market sectors. Many variations of wire are available from stock and can be supplied in both small and large quantities.

  • M22759 Mil specification wire and cable
  • M81044 Mil specification wire and cable
  • M27500 Mil specification cable
  • EN2266 Polyimide tapes and FEP
  • EN2267 Polyimide plus PTFE tapes
  • EN2713 Shielded and jacketed wire, with Polyimide and FEP sheath
  • EN2714 Shielded and jacketed wire, with Polyimide and PTFE tapes
  • ABS and NSA European spec wire and cable
  • BMS13-48 Boeing wire and cable
  • BMS13-60 Boeing wire and cable

  • IS-Rayfast are franchised distributors for Carlisle, Draka, Nexans and TE Connectivity.

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    For further information please contact us on +44(0) 1793 616700 or alternatively click on the images above to download the Overview Guide or Product Brochure PDFs, or click on button below to email our sales department.

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    NEW - Instalite Light Weight Screening Braid

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    NEW INSTALITE Lightweight Screeing Braid, offering significant performance advantages over standard copper braid in numerous Commercial Aerospace, Unmanned Vehicle and Military Harness applications.


  • Weight Savings of up to 50% over traditional copper braids
  • Excellent EMC/EMI Shielding performance over wide frequency range
  • Better low frequency performance than plated fibres or microfilament
  • Greater Tensile Strength 758 N/mm2 Vs 220 N/mm2 strand tensile strength (for 10mm diameter braid)
  • Easy to Install Compatible with existing termination tooling and processes
  • Diameter Expands to allow quicker and easier installation over wire bundles
  • Lightning Protection

  • Tin plated copper INSTALITE lightweight screening braid is RoHS compliant and is available from stock
    in 3.0mm, 6.0mm, 10.0mm and 20.0mm sizes.

    For additional information please download PDF guide or contact us.
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    ANNOUNCEMENT - NEW Distributor Agreement with Staco Systems

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    IS-Rayfast Ltd are pleased to announce that we have signed an agreement to be the official authorised distributor for Staco Systems in the UK & Republic of Ireland.

    Specialising in high performance:
    SWITCHES - To military and aerospace standards.
    SUBSYSTEMS - Custom integrated subsystems.
    ILLUMINATED PANELS - Tougher than anything else on the market.
    DATA ENTRY SOLUTIONS - Ruggedised keyboards and interfaces.

    Staco Systems has been operating for more than 55 years, the biggest names in aerospace and defence have trusted Staco Systems as the provider of choice for critical cockpit control systems. While competitors have come and gone, Staco is still going strong, propelled by superior engineering and continual technology development, including unique advances in optics, weight reduction and miniaturisation. This technical superiority has led the company to continually enhance its standard offerings with unique custom solutions engineered and built to solve a customer problem or meet a customer specification.

    Staco Systems mission: to become the most innovative supplier of Human-Machine Interface Solutions.

    For additional information please contact us, or download PDF guide.
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    NEW 100E wire and cable to EN-50306 | RAIL

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    IS-Rayfast are pleased to announce the launch of 100E rail signal wire and cable, released in accordance to EN-50306, offering significant savings in wiring loom bulk and weight.

    Thin wall, Zero Halogen primary wire technology, can be supplied as both single core signal wire and multi core cable - screened and unscreened. The reduction in wall thickness over conventional wire offers significant savings in the bulk of wiring looms, together with huge savings in weight. This reduction in size enables engineers to design more efficient cable routing plans, reduce installation costs and increase running efficiency.

    Conventional cables use filled soft polymer insulations which by nature of the insulation have to be thick wall. 100E wire and cable uses tough engineering polymers which allows the insulation wall thickness to be greatly reduced.

    Many primary wire and multi-core cable constructions available from stock

    For additional information please contact us, or download PDF guide.
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    NEW HP7C Pushbutton and G2 Commander Grip


    OTTO HP7C Hall Effect Pushbutton
    The HP7C Hall effect momentary action pushbutton series, shares similar characteristics to the HP7 series but is a lower cost version made with a thermoplastic case and a nylon button. With a 10 million cycle life, the HP7C works well in industrial joystick controls, remote controls and other applications requiring high reliability and high rates of actuation. PC pins or wire leads are standard with value-added connectors available to specification.
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    OTTO G2 Commander Grip
    The newG2 Commander Grip has been designed for military, aerospace and industrial applications and is the ideal solution where durability and dependability are required. Cast from aluminium alloy, the G2 Commander grip is a rugged industrial control grip suitable for demanding applications. The standard G2 offers six different faceplate configurations that include pushbutton, toggle, transducer, split trim and hall effect switches. Thousands of custom configurations are possible, plus the grip body has 12 possible switch location options and various mounting and termination optins are available.
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    NEW Cotronics Product Guide Published


    NEW PRODUCT GUIDE - Completly Updated and Revised

    The new product guide illustrates an extensive range of speciality compounds for electrical, structural and industrial applications, offering EPOXY compounds operating temperatures up to 340 degrees celcius and CERAMIC compounds operating up to 3000 degrees celsius. Found across many industries including Aerospace, Industrial, OEM Electronics, Fabrication and Foundries, with an extensive range of applications covering bonding, potting, sealing, casting, moulding and coating.

    For more information on our high temperature range please contact us or download PDF version of guide here.
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    NEW Franchised Distrubutor for PIC Wire and Cable


    High Performance Data cables for Aerospace, Defence, Motorsport and Performance Environments.

    IS-Rayfast Ltd are proud to announce that we have been appointed the official UK distributor for PIC Wire and Cable.

    PIC Wire and cable offer a range of cables providing superior electrical performance, size and weight savings, where resistance to harsh environments is essential, with numerous applications in Aerospace, Defence, Motorsport and Communications.

    Range includes
    . DATAMates® - High Speed Data Cables
    . RFMates® - 50 Ohm Coaxial and Triaxial Cables
    . VIDEOMates® - 75 Ohm Coaxial and Triaxial Cables
    . MICROMates® - X and Ku Band Cable Assemblies

    For more information please contact us or download PDF guide.
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